Five Habits that Help You Sleep Better

August 5, 2017
Five Habits that Help You Sleep Better

Getting good, quality sleep can be difficult, and often there isn’t enough coffee in the world to battle the fatigue of a bad sleep. Here are five healthy habits to help you sleep better, longer.

1. Tech ‘No’

With entertainment constantly on hand, your brain is constantly ‘on’. Give it a rest. Get rid of those gadgets from your room. Maybe even go so far as to make it a completely tech free space. Removing all of the electronic lights and easy to reach entertainment can help improve your sleep dramatically.

2. Stick to the Routine

We all look forward to the weekend, and maybe for you it’s the chance to sleep in and catch up on lost sleep? When in fact, this can actually make you more tired come Monday. Create a routine, wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day (even on the weekend) and your sleep will be deeper and better for it.

3. Don’t Drink and Sleep

Alcohol can prevent you from that quality sleep your dreaming of. Disruptive sleep and frequent waking are all symptoms of alcohol. Try a caffeine-free tea instead.

4. Cool it Down

Keeping your bedroom on the colder side of things can help you sleep better according to research. It can also affect your REM cycle, so we recommend turning that room temperature down just a little for a bigger and better sleep.

5. Keep it Low Key

Your brain needs to unwind just as much as your body. Preparing your mind for bed should be just as important to your nightly routine as brushing your teeth. Relax, avoid electronics (see Tip 1), read a book, take a bath or listen to soft music, all of these or other relaxation methods can help your brain unwind. So that when you finally lay down to rest, your brain will be right there with you.

One easy way to stay healthier, live longer and look great is to get the right amount of sleep every night, but sadly as many as 30% of Australians have a diagnosable sleep disorder affecting their wellbeing.

CPCCPC’s registered Psychologists, Graeme and Deborah, have completed the APS Practice Certificate in Sleep Psychology. So, if you are tired of lying awake half the night with your mind racing and dragging your exhausted body through the day, our Gold Coast team are here to help.

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