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Graeme Deeth

Graeme Deeth B.V.Sc., B.A. (Psych),
B Psych (Hons 1st class), FACP, MAPS

Graeme is in private practice as a registered psychologist, psychotherapist and counsellor. He holds a degree in Veterinary Science and still practices part-time in this profession with a particular interest in animal behaviour and human-animal interaction. Previous enrollment in clinical Ph.D programme at Griffith University involved research interests in the development of interpersonal aggression in males. Private practice research interests include relationship functioning -both intimate and organisational, gender, sexuality and alternative relationships, and body image/eating disorders and domestic violence.

Outside family and friends, he has a variety of interests, many revolving around sports (mostly gym, surfing and motorcycling & martial arts), travelling and cultures, wildlife and his ongoing studies.

These studies have evolved out of a long-standing interest in human relationships, and in particular men’s expressive and social support groups. This has involved a career shift from private practice as a veterinary surgeon, predominantly self-employed, to a second degree and practice as a psychologist. Though he still does some practice as a veterinarian, his primary focus is now within the realms of psychology.

In this field he had a continued involvement, since inception until end 1998, with the Gold Coast Men’s Help Line, both in the facilitation of men’s support groups, and in the ongoing training of volunteers, as well as counselling, most often in the area of distressed relationships. He had been engaged in a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, inclusive of Master of Clinical Psychology, from early 1998 until end 2001, where one of his keen interests is in the functioning of close interpersonal, family, and organisational relationships, body image/eating disorders, and the specific counselling needs of men. His research focus has been on the self-regulation of aggression in males, particularly under conditions of perceived provocation. These formal studies were at the School of Psychology, of Griffith University, Gold Coast. Though he has since resigned from these studies formally, he plans to continue in a research capacity for several years returning to the academic setting when he can again give the spare time required.

Following is a summary of his academic and work history. The details of his workplace roles and academic records would be too numerous to mention here, though he is happy to provide and discuss same at your convenience. Broadly speaking, he has been professionally responsible for clinical and diagnostic workups, and subsequent treatments and outcomes. Additionally, he have been responsible for the financial management, and day-to-day staff management and training in a number of veterinary practices. More recently he has been responsible for the design and implementation of research study, and remain largely self-motivated, though open to the ideas of others, and to alternative relational styles. He encourages a supportive and cooperative teamwork approach to workplace functioning, as is reflected by his interests.

  1974: Completed year 12, Aspley State High School

  • 1979: Completed B.V.Sc. (Bachelor of Veterinary Science) University of Queensland
  • 1980 – 1983: Veterinary Practice (Bronson Veterinary Surgery, Bundaberg)
  • 1983 – 1989: Self-employed (Rochedale Veterinary Surgery)
  • 1989 – 1992 & 1994 – Present: Self-employed Locum Veterinarian
  • 1992 – 1994: Manager/Veterinarian (Robina Veterinary Surgery)
  • 1990 – Present: Men’s support groups (including Gold Coast Men’s Help Line since inception until end 1998)
  • 1993 –1996: Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology (Griffith University, Gold Coast and some subjects at Monash University)
  • 1997: Distinguished Scholars Award – Griffith University
  • 1997: Bachelor of Psychology, Honours (First Class) Griffith University
  • 1998 – 2001: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (inclusive of Master of Clinical Psychology) ongoing at Griffith University, Gold Coast, and sessional tutoring in psychology. Resigned PhD 30th October 2001 to focus on private practice.
  • 1998 – Present: Private practice in psychology at Osler House Specialist Medical Centre.
  • 1998 – 1999: Completed Introduction to Facilitation Training for M.E.N.D. (Men Exploring New Directions) programme via Tweed Anti-Violence Project, NSW.
  • 1999: completed intensive training in Family Therapy Interventions through Child and Youth Mental Health Services (Southport QLD).
  • 2000: symposium presentation at American Psychological Association convention (Washington DC USA): Some Evolutionary Limitations of Intimacy Among Men.
  • 2000: ISSPR & INPR Joint International Conference on Personal Relationships (Brisbane QLD)
  • 2001: Commenced training in Somatic Psychotherapy (Brisbane QLD)
  • 2002: Commission for Children (Qld) Forum: Focus on Fathering Title: Paternity Uncertainty as a focus for future research on fathering. (Sunshine Coast)
  • 2002: Seminar ACCP National Conference (Canberra ACT): Matriarchy in the Workplace
  • 2004: CISMFA Basic Group Interventions (Brisbane, Australia)
  • 2004: ACCP National Conference (Sydney, Australia).
  • 2004: APA Conference (American Psychological Association) (Hawaii, USA)
  • 2006: IARR Conference (International Association of Relationship Researchers)(Rethymnon, Crete, Greece).
  • 2007: EMDR Institute Australia: Part 1 Training (Tweed Heads, Australia).
  • 2008: ISHE Conference (International Society for Human Ethology)(Bologna, Italy)
  • 2008: ICP Conference (International Congress of Psychology)(Berlin, Germany)
  • 2011: Firecare (QFRS) Conference (Sunshine Coast, Australia)
  • 2011: New Directions in Trauma Mindfulness (John Briere) Conference (Brisbane, Australia)
  • 2011: APS eLearning Processes & Techniques in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) (Australia).
  • 2011: APS PORIG (Australian Psychological Society, Psychology of Relationships Interest Group) Conference (Adelaide, Australia)
  • 2012: ABS/HBES Conferences (Animal Behavior Society & Human Behavior & Evolutionary Society) (Albuquerque, New Mexcio, USA).
  • 2012: EAPAA Conference (Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australia (Brisbane, Australia).
  • 2012: APS PORIG (Australian Psychological Society, Psychology of Relationships Interest Group) Conference (Adelaide, Australia)

2013: Depression is Contagious (Michael Yapko) conference (Brisbane, Australia)

2014: APS Conference (Australian Psychological Society)(Hobart, Tasmania)

2015: APS Institute Practicing Certificate in Sleep Psychology: Australian Psychological Society


Veterinary CPE

2007: WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) Conference (Sydney Australia)

2009: ACVS (Australian College of Veterinary Scientists) Conference (Gold Coast Australia)

2010: Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference (AVA & NZVA) (Brisbane Australia)

2011: ASAVA (Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association) Conference (Gold Coast Australia)

Ongoing: ASAVA & AVBIG webinars


Associations & Memberships:

APS (Australian Psychological Society)

APS PORIG (APS Psychology of Relationships Interest Group)

APS PEWBIG (APS Psychology of Eating, Weight and Body Image Interest Group)

ACP (Australian College of  Psychologists: Fellow)

IARR (International Association of Relationship Researchers)

APCED (Association of Professionals Concerned with Eating Disorders)

EDA (Eating Disorders Association)

APA Division 51 (American Psychological Association; Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity)

HBES (Human Behaviour & Evolutionary Society)

ISHE (International Society for Human Ethology)

AVA (Australian Veterinary Association)

ASAVA (Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association)

AVBIG (Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group)


Teaching Experience: Griffith University, Gold Coast (sessional tutoring)

1998:   Introductory Cognitive and Biological Psychology (Semester 1)

Cognition, Memory and Learning (Semester2)

1999:   Introductory Cognitive and Biological Psychology (Semester1)

Cognition, Memory and Learning (Semester 2)

2000:   Introductory Cognitive and Biological Psychology (Semester 1)

2001:   Interpersonal Skills (Semester 1)

Biological Psychology (Semester 1)

Lifespan Development (Semester 2)

2015: 15th year as Mentor in Griffith University Industry Mentoring Program

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B.Nursing, B.A. (Psych),

B.Soc.Sc (Psych Hons), MAPS

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Psychology - Gold Coast - Graeme Deeth

Graeme Deeth

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B.V.Sc., B.A. (Psych),

B Psych (Hons 1st class), MAPS

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