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Graeme Deeth and Deborah Marshall-Deeth have been providing counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, corporate psychology and coaching to clients in the Gold Coast area for over sixteen years. Graeme and Deborah are registered psychologists, consultants and counsellors who enable people to understand and resolve complex behavioural issues within themselves, their relationships and the organisations in which they work. The aim is to make sophisticated academic research accessible to clients so they can apply the outcomes to their home or work life, rather than masking symptoms of deeper problems with medications.

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Psychology - Gold Coast - counselling

Graeme Deeth continues to actively research in the areas of relationship functioning -both intimate and organisational, gender, sexuality and alternative relationships, body image/eating disorders and domestic violence. He has been professionally responsible for diagnostic workups and subsequent treatments and outcomes.

Deborah Marshal-Deeth actively researches in the areas of body image/eating disorders, and their specific effects on obesity, and grieving processes after loss. She has been professionally responsible for treatments and successful outcomes for CPCCPC clients.

CPCCPC on the Gold Coast offers a supportive, caring environment to our customers, and a commitment to improving your wellbeing through careful, professional diagnosis and treatment plans. Take a look at our blog for an idea of what we are reading and thinking about now, or contact us today for a chat. We are always happy to help.

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Psychology - Gold Coast - Deborah Marshall Deeth

Deborah Marshall Deeth

Mob: 0419 021 330

Email: deborah@cpccpc.com.au

B.Nursing, B.A. (Psych),

B.Soc.Sc (Psych Hons), MAPS

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools...

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Psychology - Gold Coast - Graeme Deeth

Graeme Deeth

Mob: +61 418 751 617

Email: graeme@cpccpc.com.au

B.V.Sc., B.A. (Psych),

B Psych (Hons 1st class), MAPS

Great spirits have often overcome violent opposition from mediocre minds....

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