If you suffer in silence because you cannot manage relationships, you are one among many who have difficulty manoeuvring the modern complexities of work, intimate and family interactions. There is no reason, however, to consider that you have insurmountable problems, or to withdraw or become hostile in the face of unresolved tensions. The best thing to do is make a decision to change, and ask the team at CPCCPC how we can help you help yourself.

The team at CPCCPC tend to be eclectic and draw on established methodologies underpinned by scientific research, which are tailored to individuals or group counselling. This approach gives our clients an opportunity to work toward solutions within tested therapeutic frameworks. Before beginning counselling and other psychological interventions, our registered Psychologists conduct in-depth clinical interviews and ongoing assessments to establish each client’s therapeutic requirements.

Counselling for couples, families or groups includes targeting the individual needs and personal growth of each participant. Our experienced counsellors, psychologists and coaches can also plan individual counselling within a couple, family or group-focused model.

Our experienced psychologists, counsellors and coaches can guide you in changing the way you perceive yourself and the world around you, and they will help you build a cognitive toolkit to assist in your everyday relationships.

The team at CPCCPC can help with:

  • Relationship & Marital Issues/Conflict – we help you discover the cause of your issues and manage conflicts
  • Parenting & Family-Functioning – one of the fallacies of modern life is the idea that everyone is a natural parent. Parenting and maintaining a functioning family is a challenging undertaking that requires emotional stamina and stability
  • Gender, Sexuality, Affairs and Alternative Relationship Styles – are you always questioning issues of your sexuality. We can help you make your own decisions about your sexual destiny
  • Separation, Divorce, Grief & Loss – these are some of the most traumatic situations in a person’s life. Seeking counselling can help you stay centred and work toward the future
  • Anger Management, Stress Relief/Management – work with our team toward a calmer, happier you
  • Trauma, Addiction, & Recovery & Assertion – ongoing issues such as these require professional, caring intervention
  • Body Image, Eating Disorders & Weight Control – often the result of underlying psychological issues
  • Psychosomatics, Health, Personal Growth – the way you think can affect the way you feel, but mind-body discipline can restore balance
  • Anxiety Depression & Emotional Regulation – we help you discover the triggers for your anxiety and depression
  • Peak Performance (Sport & Executive) – optimise your performance through attitudinal shifts
  • Vocational Guidance – finding the right employment fit for your personality will give you greater satisfaction and balance
  • Workplace Issues & Functioning – business coaching for optimal performance and conflict resolution
  • Coping with Abusive Personalities – learn psychological self-defence
  • Sleep Disorders and Insomnia – solving your sleeping problems will help you lead a happier, healthier life

The team at CPCCPC is here to help. If you want to know more about our services, or you would like a confidential chat, please contact our Gold Coast office today.

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Deborah Marshall Deeth

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Psychology - Gold Coast - Graeme Deeth

Graeme Deeth

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